Green gas

Differentiate from the competition and reduce your carbon footprint

Green gas from renewable sources

As well as premium free renewable electricity, we can now offer businesses 100% green gas. More sustainable than natural gas, biomethane, or ‘green gas’, comes from several renewable sources. These include domestic waste water treatment plants, food waste, residues such as straw and unusable vegetables, or a combination of these.


By choosing green gas, you can care for the environment, support your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and give your business a competitive edge.


Complete traceability

Green gas is supplied through the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS), which tracks green gas that has been injected into the gas grid. As a green gas customer, you will be given a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) Certificate for each MWh of green gas consumed, which is validated by the GGCS.

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Peace of mind through proven expertise 

Our team have a wealth of experience in renewables, so you're in safe hands. To find out more about green gas please get in touch.

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3 out of 4 consumers are more inclined to choose a manufacturer or retailer that uses renewable energy

We also offer businesses premium free renewable electricity, going green shouldn't cost the earth