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UK Management
  • Jeff Whittingham

    Managing Director, Sales UK
    Distribution and Customer Solutions

    Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the energy sales, business development and energy trading disciplines.

    Major achievements include bringing two new entrant supply businesses to market and building an energy services business. His success lies in his ability to manage commercial teams, create new sustainable businesses, and secure mutually beneficial sales contracts in a number of different competitive environments.

    Jeff comments, “I joined Ørsted not just because of the company’s market leading position, but also its strong ethics, integrity and vision. The team of experts here inspire trust in what we do and deliver exceptional service. This is why so many customers have stayed with us for so long. I believe this is key to maintaining our leading B2B gas market position and rapidly growing our electricity business”.

    Energy industry aside, Jeff is a talented cornet and trumpet player, and could have joined a championship section brass band (without wanting to blow his own trumpet). For now, his claim to fame is teaching the trumpet player in Mumford and Sons, whose talents in turn have won them international acclaim and a gig or two at Glastonbury.

  • George Pitt

    Finance Director, Sales UK
    Distribution and Customer Solutions

    George provides key financial expertise to support Ørsted delivering its growth plan.

    He has over 15 years of experience with some of the UK’s largest energy companies. His ability to build effective teams and systems is combined with strong skills in commercial analysis, forecasting, and contract negotiation.

    “Nimble, despite being a leading player”, is how he describes Ørsted. “In addition to this agility, the company has a real commitment to building the UK operation, with a strong focus on sustainability and renewable power.” He adds, “I believe that accurate billing is the cornerstone of excellent customer service – and Ørsted shines in this area. The accuracy rate is very impressive indeed.”

    George hails from a family of farmers in Yorkshire. Sustainability is a family value, and the farm has embraced organic farming principles for some time now. Back in the city, George enjoys gardening and especially growing vegetables. Working for Ørsted is a good fit for his personal values, guaranteeing more than just green fingers.

  • Rick Hitchcock

    Operations Director, Sales UK
    Distribution and Customer Solutions

    With over 14 years of experience in the utility sector, Rick is an expert at creating business solutions and steering operational change. A Sigma Six specialist, he believes passionately in simplicity and placing customer needs at the centre of a strategy. “Lean methodology looks at efficiency and process from end to end,” he says. “But you should begin by mapping the customer journey. To do this effectively, you need the customer in the room with you”.

    Rick comments, “Ørsted is agile and truly dynamic and we have a great reputation - those who know us like us”.

    Rick has always had a head for business, setting up his own courier company aged just 18. Entrepreneurial flair aside, he loves both playing football and travelling, although these days he is more focused on the customer journey.

  • Ashley Phillips

    Sales & Marketing Director Sales UK
    Distribution and Customer Solutions

    Strong customer focus lies at the heart of Ashley’s philosophy for achieving long-term business development goals.

    With 10 years’ experience in the energy industry, his skills and acumen lie in the growth and development of sales and support teams, and the strategic acquisition and retention of key clients. He also has a talent for steering new businesses from the status of newcomer to major player, within an impressively short timeframe.

    “Customer focus is key to the success of any company, along with the core values of honesty and integrity”, he says. “But for today’s energy industry, adaptability is also absolutely crucial. This is where Ørsted's forward thinking vision really leads the way. Ørsted truly believes in working in partnership with customers, with a real passion for building new energy solutions for the future”.

    Outside of work, Ashley is a self-confessed sports fanatic. As a Welshman, it is perhaps no surprise that he is an especially avid rugby fan. Also a keen traveller, Rome is high on his list favourite destinations, his appetite for culture being matched by a healthy one for Italian food and wine!

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