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How to report energy theft

Theft of electricity and gas costs UK energy consumers an estimated £400 million every year. It also presents a serious safety hazard, endangering the public, energy industry workers and the emergency services. Energy is usually stolen by interfering with electricity or gas meters, which can cause electrocution, fires and explosions. Energy theft is also increasingly associated with wider criminal activity. 

In September 2016, Crime stoppers launched the Energy Theft Tip Off Service (ETTOS). This service allows members of the public to report suspected energy theft anonymously, using a 24-hour telephone line or by completing an online form.

To find out more, visit the ETTOS website: Stay Energy Safe

If you are concerned about energy theft, you can also contact our Customer Service team on 0800 0568 101.

How to make a complaint

The following guidelines are in place to make sure complaints are handled quickly and efficiently.

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