We aspire to be at the forefront of the transformation to a sustainable energy future.

We want to help create a world where people can use energy every day without contributing to climate change and limiting opportunities for future generations. By supplying UK businesses with innovative solutions and renewable energy we can assist them through their own energy transformation.

It is vital for us to operate a sustainable business that respects society, the environment and our employees. Our sustainable business approach supports the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, and was adopted in 2016 as part of our transformation to a renewable energy company.

Offshore wind
In the UK, we are the market leader in deploying and operating offshore wind farms. We are currently building the world’s biggest offshore wind farm – Hornsea Project One – off the Yorkshire coast. We will continue to expand our leading offshore wind capabilities globally to ensure the transition from fossil based to carbon neutral energy sources.
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Reducing the cost of renewables
By 2020, we aim to reduce the cost of offshore wind power by 35-40%. This would take offshore electricity costs down to €100/MWh.

As experts in both renewable electricity generation and supply, we have created products that will help you achieve sustainability objectives. Whether this is carbon reduction, sustainability or cost reduction, we work to find solutions to meets the needs of the business.

Premium free renewable electricity
We are committed to driving forward low carbon energy solutions. We offer UK businesses renewable electricity at no extra cost, as we absorb the additional premium associated with buying renewable electricity. No business should be disadvantaged for choosing renewable electricity.

Our premium free renewable electricity makes choosing energy from a renewable source a commercially sound decision for businesses of all types and sizes, allowing you to contribute towards a more sustainable future, without impacting your budget.

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3 out of 4 consumers are more inclined to choose a manufacturer or retailer that uses renewable energy

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