Site Optimisation

This fully managed service establishes the optimal run schedule for your operating plant based on market prices, non-commodity costs and your specific criteria. Unlock the value of your assets without extra investment.

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  • Ability to save money Helps you to avoid increased costs during peak periods so you can lower your overall expenditure
  • Responsive to market changes Calculates optimal times to generate energy on-site or export to the grid
  • Bespoke Tailored to the operational requirements and technical constraints of your plant

Our continual investment in digital innovation helps save you time and makes your life easier. We bring you the best customer service experience, to help you manage your accounts and queries in the most efficient way. Use your online account to access your data whenever you need it.

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Reduce energy costs and generate revenue without investment.

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David Jeans, Energy Manager at Kodak Alaris:

"It’s a very different plant from previously: we’d have a plan for the week that didn’t change all week because it was built on averages.
Now we have a plan that changes from hour to hour, and that really optimises what the plant is doing each day."

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