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Our utility connection partners will manage your energy projects from start to finish. By providing one point of contact at Ørsted, we can create a seamless experience which saves you the time and hassle of managing multiple suppliers. From one site installations to complex, bespoke projects, no job is too small or large.


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Save time, less hassle, more peace of mind

  • Peace of mind One point of contact who will plan, implement, and manage your project, removing the hassle associated with dealing with multiple suppliers   
  • Save time As your energy supplier, we can access the right information when needed, saving you time. We can also coordinate your supply agreement requirements with any projects that we manage and deliver for you   
  • Array of services We can provide bespoke solutions to suit any needs, from simple networks to complex downstream projects   

Our continual investment in digital innovation helps save you time and makes your life easier. We bring you the best customer service experience, to help you manage your accounts and queries in the most efficient way. Use your online account to access your data whenever you need it.

  • See your transaction history, download invoices and contracts    
  • Analyse your consumption with our powerful graphing tool
  • View your query history and quickly resolve any issues
  • Access 24/7/365 Connect via your mobile, tablet or laptop, anywhere, anytime
  • Personalise your dashboard to display what's most relevant to you

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Bespoke solutions for complex energy requirements

  • New connections
  • Service and meter upgrades
  • Energy Management System (EMS) connections
  • Supply chain management
  • Meter removals
  • Service/cable alterations and disconnections

Automated Meter Reader (AMR)

We provide AMR services to customers who have a supply agreement with us.

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Energy Manager, P3P

“If I were to describe RBR in three words, it would be: straightforward, riskless and profitable.

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Automated Meter Reader (AMR)

We provide AMR services to customers who have a supply agreement with us.


Why choose us?

We're constantly investing in innovation to help businesses reduce costs. We're agile and fast moving, quickly developing smarter solutions to meet your needs and save you time. Our flexibility solutions are designed to help you closely manage your energy consumption – including any energy you generate on your own premises – allowing you to reduce costs, unlock new revenue streams and maximise profitability.


Why choose us?

Sustainability is at the core of our business. We are driving the energy transformation in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to deliver a cost effective and green future. As the world leader in offshore wind, we can not only offer renewable electricity without the premium, we can also help companies to exceed carbon reduction targets, and help with CSR commitments.

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Why choose us?

We are passionate about developing lasting relationships built on trust. We care about your business and your energy needs. Our solutions are designed to make lives easier, which is why our customers stay with us.
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